Roadmap of the Medical Biotechnology

The unprecedented developments and huge steps taken in the fields of molecular biology, biotechnology, nanotechnology and electronics in recent times,  suggest a future of medical biotechnology that is far beyond the limits of our dreams.

Emerging Issues of Medical Biotechnology

Recent developments in genomics and bioinformatics have led to innovations in the fields of personalized medicine, synthetic biology and microbiota. As MEBID, we closely follow the developments in these technologies and bring the issue into the public agenda by emphasizing its importance. In addition, we emphasize the necessity of supporting and implementing the corresponding technologies by institutions and organizations in our country.

University and Industry Partnership

Effective collaboration between universities and industry is critical for skills development (education and training); the production, acquisition and adoption of knowledge (innovation and technology transfer), and the promotion of entrepreneurship (start-ups).

Venture Capital on Medical Biotechnology

One of our goals as MEBID is to promote the awareness of the concepts of angel investor and venture capital to both industrialists and researchers, and to make them incorporated as a routine of the university-industry partnership.

News from Us

Our association continues to register corporate and individual members. Our preliminary preparations for our MEBID awards, workshops, congresses and panel activities are ongoing. We will continue to share the innovations and developments in medical biotechnology through our constantly updated website.